Adopting a Military Mindset to Cope in Difficult Times | Adobe XD Ideas

“You decide and you do it. We’ve got this.”

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

  1. Look out for #1. Am I safe in this moment? You have to be OK to take care of others.
  2. How are you? Look outward to see the people around you and see how they’re doing.
  3. Don’t get any on me. Wear protective gear in responding to someone who is hurt. Protect your face and hands.
  4. Are there any more? The coronavirus is similar to a counter-insurgency. The energy is invisible, potentially everywhere, and looks like anyone. Going into the world right now you have to assume everyone is the enemy and this isn’t healthy for normal people. It’s counterintuitive to human nature.
  5. Dead or alive? You go to help the person who is not dead. A lot of people are talking about this right now in medical and hospital situations. You have to triage.

“There’s a place where expeditionary military thinking and design thinking link up.”



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Sarah B. Brooks

Sarah B. Brooks

Service Designer. Practical Futurist. Inner World Explorer. IBM Distinguished Designer, Strategic Foresight. @TheRSAOrg Fellow. Opinions my own.