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  • Kara Kane

    Kara Kane

    Design Ops at BT. Previously Community Lead for user-centred design at the Government Digital Service.

  • Monika Sznel

    Monika Sznel

    I’m a design anthropologist, UX researcher and service designer. At unpacking.design I write about product design vs. environment-centered design.

  • Kara Kotwas

    Kara Kotwas

    Design Principal, IBM Research

  • Emily M. Bender

    Emily M. Bender

    Professor, Linguistics, University of Washington// Faculty Director, Professional MS Program in Computational Linguistics (CLMS) faculty.washington.edu/ebender

  • Tamara Shogaolu

    Tamara Shogaolu

    Blatina storyteller, artist, technologist. Creative Director @AdoAtoPictures #Unresolved @frontlinepbs @creativecap Awardee. @sundanceorg fellow.

  • Natalie Holmes

    Natalie Holmes

    Humanitarian, writer, yoga teacher, budding urban farmer. Managing editor @ medium.com/postgrowth

  • Ariel Kennan

    Ariel Kennan

    Design and product leader passionate about people-centered public services. Currently a Fellow at the Beeck Center at Georgetown University.

  • Mike Bechtel

    Mike Bechtel

    I’m an inventor, professor, and futurist. I try to make sense of “all things newfangled”. Medium writings and opinions my own.

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